US consumer prices fell in line with expectations

NEW YORK (Reuters) - US stocks opened the second trading session of the week on green in contrast to previous sessions as technology stocks led gains on Wall Street on Tuesday after economic developments and data followed by the US economy, the world's largest economy, In Washington today and Wednesday.

The US housing market, which showed a rise in construction starts and construction permits, showed a rise of 3.2% to 1.256 thousand homes, down 1.6% from 1,217,000 in October. On expectations that showed stability at zero levels at 1,228 thousand homes.

In the same context, the Building Permits Index showed a rise of 5.0% to 1,328K compared to 0.4% at 1,265K in October, in contrast to expectations of a 0.4% drop at 1,260K. The Federal Committee amid expectations that monetary policy makers in the Fed will move forward in tightening monetary policy.

At 4:04 pm GMT, the broader S & P 500 index was up 0.37% to 9.50 points to 2,562.00 points. The Dow Jones Industrial Average <.DJI> was up 0.57% after reaching 137.00 points 23,809.00 points.

On the other hand, the Nasdaq Composite Index gained 0.68% after rising 44.00 points to 6,510.25 points.

The US consumer price index for December was down 0.1% monthly, according to expectations of a 0.1% drop, worse than the previous reading of 0.0%.

The consumer price index, excluding food and fuel for the same month, rose by 0.2%, according to expectations of a 0.2% rise, according to a previous reading of 0.2%. This statement is negative for the US dollar.


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