Kim Jong Kim, the World Bank president, is stepping down

The World Bank said its chairman, Jim Young Kim, who was at odds with Trump's climate change policies, would resign as of Feb. 1, more than three years after his term ends.

Kim, 59, a doctor and public health defender, was nominated by former US President Barack Obama for his first and second term. Kim supported green energy project financing and largely dropped support for coal energy investments, but avoided public confrontations with Trump.

According to two exporters familiar with Kim's announcement to the World Bank's Executive Board, he will leave on his own and "was not paid out" by Trump.

In any case, the US president will work hard to influence the choice of Kim's successor because the United States has a large share of the right to vote in the World Bank.

Traditionally, the President of the Bank has always been an American chosen by the US Administration.

Kim plans to immediately join an institution focusing on increasing infrastructure investment in developing countries, the bank said, without giving further details.

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