How to choose the trading platform and which is better - MetaTrader 4 or MetaTrader 5

All young investors and adults are interested in trading platforms through which they can conduct their transactions, follow up, improve and adjust them, and add more indicators to enable them to see more clearly their positions open or anticipated, we mean the investors of Forex and precious metals and others.

After the MetaTrader 4 was the dominant platform, the most common and widespread and traded, in 2010 appeared a new version is MetaTrader 5, and some thought that the MetaTrader 4 is over and the time of the new version.

But investors quickly realized it was not at all.

Because the new platform did not differ from the old availability of all media, whether a computer, laptop or laptop, as well as the platform of the MetaTrader 5 for trading on mobile and the Internet, but this did not give it a point of superiority over its predecessor.

It does not depend on an update like your version of Windows on your computer, which requires updates from time to time, it's like moving from a large car show to a huge arena with dozens of exhibits ... that's the MetaTrader 5.

The platform was designed to be used in broader markets, including equity and commodity markets, as the new version had better connectivity to central stock markets, so it would be a mistake to regard it as an improved version of MetaTrader 4 for better performance in the Forex markets.

If you want to learn the strategy of online technical analysis in Forex, both platforms are suitable to be a suitable platform to apply the strategies of analysis and to devise what you want from plans to deal with your future deals or learn from Your previous mistakes.

If your trading is mostly based on currency pairs and you rarely make deals or take trading positions in the metals, stocks and commodities market, you probably do not really need MetaTrader 5, depending on your type of trades and deals, and you can choose the platform that suits you best.

The Metatrader 5 release was developed by adding elements for graphical analysis so that users can analyze Elliott waves from adding these waves, increasing the number of indicators installed on the platform and facilitating their integration into the platform, as well as the ability to install robots, indicators, Automated).

Another important difference is that MetaTrader 4 records each trading separately and gives you the possibility to manage each transaction separately, while MetaTrader 5 consolidates transactions and deals with them collectively.

There are major technical differences between the two issuances in terms of financial instruments that can be traded and from the goal of the release of MetaTrader 5 spread in multiple markets and offers a wide variety of financial instruments from currency pairs, metals, commodities, stocks, indices and others, as they provide a real presentation of the market and levels of prices and volumes And MetaTrader 4 can offer the latest execution price of the instrument.

So why did investors not turn into MetaTrader 5 immediately, and was stopped dealing with MetaTrader 4?

To answer this question you have to realize that every investor has habits in circulation, and moving from platform to platform may be inconvenient to many, and it's more like having a new phone that has newer features than your current phone. You'll need time to get used to the new phone. Dealing with it If you find that there are a lot of differences, and if we look at the process of trading on Forex, the psychological factor plays a major role, and therefore prefer many to remain on their platforms even if not the most recent, at the expense of it is a platform that know all large and small, Put their fingers on their page with ease and without hesitation.


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