Choose Forex Brokers Online

Be aware that most online forex brokers are not licensed. It is therefore different from the stock market and futures contracts that are controlled and regulated through a central exchange or agency. In order to protect your money, it is important to choose a Forex Broker registered with regulatory bodies such as CFTC (Commodity Futures Trading Commission) and NFA (National Futures Association) in the USA.

Some points to consider when choosing online forex brokers

Demo Account

Many online trading platforms provide demo accounts and fact accounts that you can open for free. Demo account allows you to trade with virtual money, no real money is dealt with when using demo account. If you are new to the Forex market, it is recommended to use the demo account for a few weeks because it will teach you many aspects of trading and how to move easily on the platform front.

Real account

Having gained experience by using a demo trading account, you may feel confident enough to execute the first real transaction using the real account. The best forex brokers and forex brokers provide many graphical tools and tools to help you execute your trade. Some of these tools at first can alert you but you can overcome them with experience.


The leverage offered by many online forex brokers is generally from 100: 1 to 200: 1. There are some who provide the highest lever. In such a case, you should be aware that the service provided may not be at the required level. Many brokers or companies allow trading at large standard sizes, and small standard sizes, you should check it out.

Select a broker or company

Many traders have bad experiences with forex brokers scammers online. It is important to spend some time checking the forex broker or the appropriate forex company. You can check it by browsing the intermediaries' websites and testing their software. It must also be verified whether this mediator is registered with the appropriate regulatory body, can it be accessed by telephone and does it provide real-time consultation? Talking to others and checking the assessments in forums can reveal some of the performance and activities of these financial institutions on the Internet.

Spread, price differentials, drawdown process

The difference between the "Ask price" and the "Ask price" may be different. But be aware that if the offer is low, the support and services provided may not be as good as expected. Different online forex brokers ask for a minimum amount to open a real account. There are some accounts that can start with only $ 50. Check with them about the procedures for depositing funds and withdrawal procedures, and how long is the withdrawal period? Does the process take a long, complicated or relatively easy time?


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