6 sectors led by real estate boost index movement Saadi: Investors are optimistic about second-quarter results

The index of the Qatar Exchange ended yesterday's session for the fifth session in a row; supporting the growth of 6 sectors led by real estate, and the stock market gains of 14.3 billion riyals, where the capitalization of shares from 487.2 billion riyals at the close of Tuesday's meeting to 501.5 billion riyals at the end of trading yesterday .

 The general index rose 0.50% to 9188.16 points, gaining 45.88 points from Monday's levels. Trading rose by 278.78 million riyals compared to 273.06 million riyals on Monday. Trading volume increased to 12.10 million shares from 8.35 million Shares in the previous session.

Real Estate was the top gainer with a 1.97% increase, supported by the growth of the four sectors. Mazaya gained 4.2%. The industrial sector gained 0.53%, while 8 of the 9 stocks in the sector rose, led by 4.40%, and banks rose 0.48% , While the share of the shares rose by 3.60%, with the rise of the national leadership 0.52%. On the other hand, the transportation decreased by only 0.81%. 3.5 million shares, while National Bank issues liquidity of SR 53.8 million.

Height continues
Investor Mohamed Saadi said that the index continued to rise for the fourth session in a row. It is expected that the gains will continue during the coming sessions as the market approaches the financial disclosure of companies. He said that the index could reach 9500 points if it exceeds 9200 points , Which represents a psychological barrier and then the level of 9300 can continue to rise safely.

 Pointing to the optimism among investors as a result of the many positive incentives available on the Qatar Exchange in particular as the best attractive markets in the region and the ability to achieve growth and provide generous incentives for investors. He said that investors are looking forward to the results of companies for the first half amid optimism that companies achieve excellent profits compared to With previous results.

Al-Saadi referred to the external factors and the effects that could be placed on the region's markets, such as the commercial warfare between America, China, America and Europe, and the American chief's threats to withdraw from the World Trade Organization. "If these negative reactions accelerate, this will have a significant impact on US equities, which in turn affects the region's markets," he said, but pointed to Qatar's strength and ability to absorb challenges.

Qatari individuals
The number of shares traded on Qatari individuals reached 6.6 million shares valued at 92.3 million riyals. The number of companies traded on them reached 41 companies, while the number of shares traded in Qatari individuals stood at 7.2 million shares valued at 123.3 million riyals. 41 companies.

Foreign individuals
The volume of shares traded on foreign individuals reached 1.7 million shares valued at 23.3 million riyals, and the number of companies traded on them was 37 companies, while the volume of shares in retail sales amounted to 2.1 million shares valued at 29.6 million riyals, a company.

A father died
On the other hand, the green sector was the top gainer with 4.40%. The industrial sector, which witnessed 1.4 million shares traded at a value of 44.8 million rials, rose by 15.53 points, or 0.53%, to close at 2.96 thousand points.


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