US stocks ended the second session of the week and the first session of this year is positive on Wall Street

NEW YORK (Reuters) - US stocks ended the second trading session of the week after a tumble in trading on Tuesday due to a year-long green holiday following losses in the early trading session as tech stocks led the energy sector to rally on Wall Street before we saw a cut. Apple's forecast for fourth-quarter earnings after the session lengthened this as a result of weak sales in China.

Otherwise, we followed the US economy's final reading of Markit Industrial PMI, which showed a contraction of 53.8 from the previous December reading and 53.9 versus 55.3 in November. With the partial closure of the US government in the second consecutive week.

We would like to point out that US President Donald Trump confirmed earlier today that he will not relinquish the need to agree to finance his country's border wall with Mexico to stem the flow of illegal immigration of the United States, while expressing his willingness to reach an agreement with Democrats in Congress to end the par…

Wall Street opens positive session amid optimism about ongoing trade talks between Beijing and Washington

NEW YORK (Reuters) - US stocks opened their second trading session this week on green for the third consecutive session on Wall Street following economic developments and data followed Tuesday by the world's largest economy and coinciding with the ongoing trade talks between Washington and Beijing at the level of China's deputy trade ministers The world's largest economy.

The US economy released a statistical reading on employment and employment turnover, which showed a drop to 6.89 million from 7.13 million in October, worse than forecasted at 7.07 million. This came hours after the release of labor market data, Unemployment for the first time in four months to 3.9% compared to the previous reading for November and expectations of the lowest since 1969 at 3.7%.

In the same vein, the average hourly earnings reading last Friday showed growth accelerated to 0.4% from 0.2% in November, above expectations of 0.3%. The Non-Farm Sector Job Change Index showed faster job creatio…

Wall Street ended the week's first negative session with technology stocks leading losses

NEW YORK (Reuters) - US stocks ended the first trading session of the week on red in red as technology shares led losses on Wall Street on Monday amid a lack of economic data earlier this week by the US economy and with the launch of the business season disclosure season for major banks and companies Which is the nerve center of the world's largest economy.

Citigroup's results showed a drop in non-forecast earnings, boosting investors' concerns about the slow pace of global economic growth, especially after China's trade balance data showed the world's second-largest economy, pointing to a drop in imports and exports last month, To the US federal government for the fourth consecutive week.

US President Donald Trump said earlier today that China wanted to continue trade negotiations, adding that his administration was confident of a trade agreement in favor of the United States with China, adding that his administration rejected the proposal of Senator Graham to en…

Building wealth via forex trading

THE notion that foreign-exchange (forex) trading requires a large capital and involves plenty of risks is a misconception. While it is true a budding trader without full understanding of the complexities of forex trading may need a huge fund to jump-start their venture, that is not the case for people who know what they are doing and have the know-how in managing their risk safely.
JustForex, a foreign-exchange broker providing services in 197 countries for many years, said forex trading does not require intensive trading on the open market to learn the intricacies of the trade. What is important is a comprehensive training and mentoring, which could be done using available tools online, they said.
JustForex said there are online tutorials, as well as workshops, seminars and training programs designed by experts to teach aspiring traders, experienced traders and novice traders procedures on the right path to success.

It added the rise in Internet use has also opened more doors for fo…

iRaiser brings new fundraising tech to UK

iRaiser, Europe’s leading fundraising software company for charities and non-profits, has expanded to the UK.
iRaiser’s white label solution is fully customisable and includes online donation, peer-to-peer, event fundraising, crowdfunding, advocacy, marketing automation and CRM. It uses a number of algorithms developed by four PhD experts to improve the conversion rate and average donations made.
The company, which works with 450 organisations including WWF, the Red Cross, Doctors Without Borders, the Louvre and Unicef, has already partnered with the UK’s The Salvation Army and Shelter. It supports both organisations in developing and delivering engagement campaigns for its fundraising initiatives.

Working with The Salvation Army, iRaiser has increased online donations by 20% for its Christmas fundraising campaign and has also supported Shelter in a variety of fundraising campaigns.
iRaiser does not take a percentage of donations or anything from Gift Aid. This, together with how iRa…

Understanding forex basics: Resistance and support

Support and resistance explained One of the most foundational aspects of technical analysis is support and resistance levels. These levels are key as they offer traders obvious places to limit and define their risk. There also represent places that price should not go if a trader has correctly analyzed their trade.
Take your trading to the next level
These places are defined by support and resistance levels. Once a trader has decided which currency pair is suitable for trading the next decision is where and how to make your entry. This article will consider three key areas of Support and Resistance that traders use as part of their technical analysis in order to make that decision.
Horizontal Support and Resistance
Arguably the most widely followed aspect of technical analysis is horizontal support and resistance levels. Horizontal support and resistance levels are key market levels where price has shown reaction in the past.
As price moves towards those levels, at which price has re…

Forex Education

The simple answer is money / currencies. Forex trading is the simultaneous purchase of a currency and the sale of another currency. Currencies are traded through a broker or trader, and are traded in pairs, for example EUR, USD, or GBP and JPY.

Because you do not buy anything physical, this kind of trade can be confusing. Consider buying a currency as a share purchase in a particular country. When you buy, to say the Japanese yen, you actually buy a share in the Japanese economy, as the currency price is a direct reflection of what the market thinks about the current and future health situation of the Japanese economy. Thus, in general, the exchange rate of the currency against other currencies is a reflection of the state of the economy in this country, compared to the economies of other countries.

Currency prices are determined by a number of factors, the most important being the economic and political conditions in the exporting country. Political stability, inflation and interest…